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Beginner Sessions

The Fundamentals

The main focus of the beginner sessions is to teach you the fundamental movements of CrossFit. However, we also aim to teach you the fundamental principles of how to build strength and increase work capacity with good form, and how to scale movements to ensure you get the right intensity to achieve the goal of the workout.

The Fundamental Movements
What to expect 

There are four sessions we recommend you complete in beginners, they cover the following fundamental movements plus how to scale and progression variations;

- Deadlift 

- Squats 

- Push/Pull

- Clean

- Snatch

- Body weight movements

Completing these allows our coaches to see how you move and give you coaching points to correct bad form and move on to the group sessions. Each session will reflect a group session so there will be no surprises when joining the main group. Each session will include tempo work, balance, postural awareness, motor control, mobility and range of motion

Other movements you may learn in these sessions include the following;

Low Skill - Row, Air Bike, Kettle Bell Swings, Box Jumps, Wall Balls, Burpees, Skipping, Lunge, Push Ups, Ring Rows, Dips, Ab Mats, Run, Box Pushes, Sled pulls, farmer carries, KB SDHP, Hip Extensions, Step Ups, Air Squats

Medium Skill - Pull ups, Toes to bar, DB Snatch, Med Ball Clean, Thruster, Dumbbell Clean and Jerk


Warm Up and Mobility - this will have simple movements aimed at warming up for the Strength and Metcon part of the session. It will also identify ramge of motion and show how to improve over time.

Strength - This will cover how to complete the fundamental movement, you will spend time on understanding the movement and range of motion while also learn the skill transfer and increase load where possible on less dynamic movements to build strength.

Metcon - In this section you will see how CrossFit works, learn about intensity, scaling and workout stimulus (and acronyms). This will follow on from the strength section and show skill transfer in a cardio capacity. This cardio section will be between 8 and 15 minutes where you will complete a few different movements to raise your heart rate while maintaining good form at your own pace.

Cool Down/Stretch - Here you will be shown some stretches and foam rolling technique and have an opportunity to ask more questions. 

  • What do i need to bring? Just yourself and a bottle of water, the first session is free so you don't even need to bring your wallet!

  • What should i wear? Something comfortable to work out in that you don't mind getting sweaty, good footwear that you can run, jump and squat in.

  • Am i fit enough for CrossFit? Certainly, CrossFit is scale-able for all levels of fitness. 

  • Will CrossFit fit in around my other sporting activities? Absolutely, CrossFit is aimed to prepare you for anything and compliments other activities and add variation into your fitness regime.  

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