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At CrossFit SY1 we are very proud of our welcoming and growing community, its what sets us apart from other fitness classes and globo gyms. You will make lots of friends and our box (gym) will be soon become a social part of your life as well as a place you get fit and achieve amazing goals.

Rhian Jarvis

Member since December 2015

Favourite move: box jumps

Least favourite move: wall balls

Usually trains: 7am classes


CrossFit SY1 is worth every penny. The excellent coaching and supportive atmosphere has changed my attitude to fitness completely. I was amazed at how much I improved in a short space of time and how much my body altered. Give it a go!

1st January 2016
Rhian 01 2015

Craig Owen

I Went to try a free trial session in March 2016 and joined the very next day. I found knowledgeable, passionate and patient coaches in a really friendly and welcoming environment unlike most other gyms.

I take part in the group coached classes in which the workouts are different each day and fellow members encourage, motivate and support each other whilst having fun. Which for me helps me stay consistent at training frequently.

I am super fortunate to have made best friends for friends for life at this gym.

Definitely come for a trial visit, whatever your current fitness and you will find you get taught good technique, surprise yourself with what you can do and achieve and make great friends doing it.

We will likely work out together very soon

1st December 2016
Rhian 01 2016

Jo Gough

I've been a member of SY1 for over two years now and its like my second home. I managed to rock climb badly 18 months ago and injure my knee, ending up on crutches for quite sometime. Whilst hobbling about the box the brilliant coaches helped me scale training and encouraged my recovery. Without the SY1 crew being so supportive at that time my physical and mental health would have suffered. I owe so much to the friendly, accepting and encouraging atmosphere of SY1, making me feel healthier and more confident every time I grace the floor with a new sweat angel :)

Jo, CrossFit
Craig, CrossFit
Chris, CrossFit
James, CrossFit
James, CrossFit

Chris, 30, happy member for 2 years and counting!

Much more than just a gym.


CrossFit SY1 is dedicated to bringing people together whilst getting the best from each member. I have been a member of several gyms both here and on the continent and this is easily the most effective. I have made so many friends here which is the opposite to a standard gym where people don’t really feel comfortable talking to one another.


I’ve witnessed so many people achieve feats of stamina, strength and technique that they never would have believed possible before trying CF SY1. Each and every member would be able to give you stories above how much weight they have lost, how much stronger and flexible they are but most importantly how much better they feel and that is what is most important.

Oli Williams

I began CrossFit in January 2016. I was unfit beyond my years, and used an asthma inhaler most days. I had consistent back and knee problems and was unable to do most of the basic movements required for CrossFit.

With the excellent training provided by CrossFit SY1, I learnt all the basics required, and slowly but surely, saw improvement in my mobility and technique.

Over the course of the last 18 months, I've completely stopped using my inhaler, felt my personal health improve, and only feel aches and pains from working hard. My continued improvement has seen me run a mile for the first time in years, and lose 6 inches around my waist.


One of the greatest achievements I've had, is not the heavy lifting but a weekend work-out called “Death by Benchmark”. When I first started, it took me forever to complete the benchmark, and I was gasping for breath and continually using my inhaler. “Death by Benchmark” was a five round marathon of this exact work-out. I was not only able to finish the first round in half the time of my first day, but able to complete three more rounds, and consistently finish each round in the same time as my first round, all without my inhaler. I didn't complete all five rounds in the time allocated, but felt a massive sense of achievement and a feeling that I'm always making progress, no matter how small.


On top of this, the community spirit within the CrossFit box has seen me develop friendships, which has helped me repeatedly to celebrate achievements, take out frustrations, and motivate myself in particularly hard WOD's to keep going. 


You can look at the picture that's attached and see two different people, but more than that, CrossFit SY1 helped me to gain a positivity and drive I've never experienced. It's been just as beneficial to me mentally, as it has been physically.

Oli, CrossFit

James Gough

An absolutely awesome place to train. I was bored of going to the same old style of gym and staring at white walls for hours on end, so I thought I'd take the plunge and try CrossFit. The coaches, classes and community are amazing, and I've never been happier at the gym. I've been a member for over two years and I love it!

Emma Hidalgo-Law

I started at CrossFit SY1 when my daughter was 6 months old. My core was so weak and I felt like I had lost a lot of my fitness from before I had her even though I'd been back at my old gym since she was 8 weeks old. I just couldn't seem to get the motivation back that I needed and found my old gym boring. 


I started the beginners classes which were a great introduction, everyone was so friendly and I felt really welcome there. After 6 weeks I was ready to start going to the main classes and haven't looked back since. I've been at SY1 for 18 months now and feel stronger than ever. My core has improved so much and I can do movements I didn't have a chance at doing when I started.


I look forward to going to CrossFit so much more than my old gym. I've never enjoyed training as much as this and I've met so many lovely people. 

Emma, CrossFit
Emma, CrossFit

Magenta Walker

I joined crossfit sy1 in 2015 after getting stuck in a rut and bored with my gym and the same old routine of going on the treadmill and being afraid of the weights

I was so nervous about going for my first session but the guys at sy1 put me at ease straight away and everyone made me so welcome

The coach's are knowledgeable and patient, (even when you confuse your left and right and forget the workout)They scale everything so no matter where you are in your fitness journey you can take part, without feeling like a newbie

I never thought I would be lifting the weights I do now, or the workouts, I love going to the gym everyday now rather than dreading it, the workouts are brilliantly planned, no two days are the same and you will be pushed to your absolute limit, and leave with a smile on your face, the group atmosphere pushes you on and makes you work harder

Physically and mentally I'm in the best shape I've ever been. I've made friends for life with the people I've met at the box, everyone is friendly and encouraging, and I can't wait to get there and work out everyday.

Magenta, CrossFit
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