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Crazy 4 Calisthenics  - Hosted by Miguel Ulloa

Calisthenics is designed to help you to improve the following core skills in bodyweight strength and manipulation:


- Strict pull-ups                      

- Strict push-ups  

- Chin ups

- Push-up variations   

- Dips

- Handstands

- Core work

- Bar Rows

- Bar holds 


You will be taught the basics of calisthenics in the Tuesday beginners session with regard to moving towards more advanced movements as you progress week by week. You will need to build a base of strength to help you move onto the more advanced movements such as;


- Bar Muscle ups                                          

- Planche progressions

- L-sits                                                          

- Front Lever / back lever

- Freestanding handstand                          

- Freestanding handstand press

- Advanced Core work


Advanced movements aside, this is about building strength and control. If you do not have a base of strength to even do pull-ups and push-ups DO NOT WORRY, this class will help you get your FIRST pull-up or push-up!

Visit Instagram @migs_c4c for more information or contact us at CrossFit SY1

Calisthenics, hand prints
Calisthenics, push up
Calisthenics, bar hold
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