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CrossFit Gymnastics

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The CrossFit Gymnastics class is a skills class to help you achieve correct movement patterns during your CrossFit training. This will give you the tools to progress through the scalings to more advanced movements and complexes as well as improve the efficiency of your current movements. It will focus on moving towards more virtuous movement, ensuring each step is achieved before moving on to the next.

The session is multi ability with varying challenges depending on where you are with your scaling. There will be movements for beginners, intermediate, advanced and advanced plus. Certain movements will require prerequisite strength, for example to learn kipping pull ups you need to be able to have the strength to complete 5 strict pull ups, however, you can still learn the foundations of the kipping movement if you don't meet the prerequisite. Similarly if you have mastered kipping you can work on advanced kipping complexes.

The class is on Saturday at 12.00 and can be included as one of the classes in your membership package or it is £7 per session. It is not recommended to train before the session.

Please contact us for more information, but please note that class content will not be released before the session.

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