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SY1 Barbell Club

The SY1 Barbell club is an hour long session focusing on the Olympic lifts, Clean and Jerk and Snatch. This session will cover elements of technique, strength and mobility required for these complex barbell movements.


Sessions will alternate weekly between clean and jerk and snatch. Each session will include technique drills, strength work and accessory work all aimed at developing proficiency in these lifts. This will not be a weekly max out session, instead prioritising how well the barbell moves, not how much is on it!


All abilities and experience levels are welcome. Whether you are just learning these movements or looking to fine tune your technique.


The class is on Thursday at 19.30 and can be included as one of the classes in your membership package or it is £7 per session. It is not recommended to train before the session.

Please contact us for more information, but please note that class content will not be released before the session, other than it will alternate between Clean and Jerk , and Snatch.

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