About Us

At CrossFit SY1 we aim to produce a broad general and inclusive fitness. Whether the goal is weight loss, increased strength, reduced body fat or improving your endurance, all can be achieved through our workouts.  The idea of the program is to prepare people for any physical activity.

Dan White
I had been training for over 10 years but was becoming bored and frustrated with the lack of progress i was getting from the traditional split day training style. I was on holiday in 2011 when i saw the CrossFit games on ESPN America and couldn't believe the ability of the athletes. I researched CrossFit as soon as i got home and haven't looked back. In 2 years I lost 3st of bodyweight and was stronger and fitter than ever before. I enjoy the teaching methods of CrossFit, breaking a movement down to its progressions and ensuring the mechanics and form are correct. I learnt more completing my CrossFit Level 1 course than I had in years of previous training and now want to share this knowledge with our members.           
Amy Watson
My CrossFit journey started in 2015 after many years of training in conventional gyms, when i switched to CrossFit I saw results quickly in both strength and fitness. I made many friends through our box where previously I never spoke to anyone when training, the environment is totally different, very supportive and friendly. My passion for the CrossFit style of training and community grew and after going into partnership with Dan I took the plunge to become qualified as a level 1 trainer and CrossFit Kids trainer.
I coach the adults, teens and kids classes as well as training 1 on 1 CrossFit Skills and bespoke personal training sessions.
Fae Lester

Fae has participated in sport and fitness pretty much her whole life. She swam competitively until she was 16 and has been doing CrossFit since July 2015, and now competes as an individual and part of a team. Fae is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and swimming teacher, and is also qualified in nutrition for weight loss and has completed her CrossFit L1. Fae loves helping people reach their goals and enjoys seeing people progress and improve their skills.

Ross Kynaston

Ross has been training in CrossFit since 2014 and qualified as a level one CrossFit trainer in March 2017. Ross then furthered his training in May 2017 and completed the CrossFit Aerobic Capacity course. Ross has always been active, before CrossFit he primarily trained in Taekwondo and reached black belt by the age of 15. It was after this he moved onto gym workouts and functional fitness.

Adam Pitchford
CrossFit Trainer
I have been training since the age of 16 and after hitting a slump I thought I would give CrossFit a go. The community at CrossFit SY1 embraced me and I was hooked instantly. What was just a passion, I am now building into a career. I achieved my CrossFit Level 1 in November 2017 and became a level 3 Personal Trainer in May 2018. CrossFit revitalised my social life and gave me a way of chasing continued improvement. I continue to seek greater knowledge and understanding of it's training and methodologies and pass this on to the members at SY1.
I am also available for PT sessions.
Miguel Ulloa
Calisthenics Trainer
Migs started doing Calisthenics in 2007 after his weight training was inhibited by a debilitating accident. He felt that bodyweight training was the best way to rehab and things just went from there.          


In 2012 he started up 'Crazy 4 Calisthenics' with fellow Calisthenics coach Jay Anthony, creating an environment for all ages to enjoy bodyweight strength training and to learn new calisthenics skills and body control techniques.

Mike Sheard

Shropshire Weightlifting Club Coach

Mike is a BWL Level 2 Weightlifting Coach and has over 10 years experience in weightlifting either as an athlete, coach or referee. He aims are to provide a high standard of instruction in a safe, respectable and abuse-free, professional environment, assisting new and upcoming athletes find their goals and fulfil their potential. Mikes classes are a great place for beginners to learn about the sport of weightlifting.

Mikes personal achievements and participation in the Sport include:
* British Senior Weightlifting Bronze Medallist in 77 kg Category (3rd Place)
* British Youth Under 17 best lifter (male)
* British Record Snatch lift of 96 kg at a bodyweight of 67.2 (69 kg cat). for Under 16s age
* Tri-Nations Bronze Medallist in Weightlifting (England v Sweden v Norway) Youth age Group 77 Kg category in Sweden.
* British Junior Under 20 1st Place Weightlifting
* Competed at the European Youth Championships in 2009 for the 77 kg Category Weightlifting
* Refereed at the British Senior Weightlifting Championships for commonwealth and international qualifiers in 2014.