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Primal Movement is an approach to human movement that prioritises basic, natural movement. Through movements we learned as a
baby we can help our bodies gain flexibility, repair and prevent injury, and build strength and skills.

It’s time to start adding in new moves, playing with your flows, incorporating more hand balancing,
and getting more advanced in both your movement and your workouts. Damian will be teaching this 2.5hr hour Primal Movement Workshop and you are sure to have a great time exploring movement through animal locomotion flows, yoga and calisthenics combined!

For the past decade Damian has trained in a few disciplines, these being Partner Acrobatics,
Rock Climbing, Slacklining, Calisthenics & Yoga. Turning his passion for acrobatics into a full time profession back in 2015, where he now teaches across the county at various venues. Combining knowledge from all disciplines Damian has studied and trained
in over the past decade gives him a wide range of flexibility in his approach to teaching.


During this workshop we will be moving the body, not just body segments, challenging four points
of stability simultaneously requires essential muscle patterning and neural sequencing, of which we will be strengthening throughout the afternoon. Looking at predominantly 3 disciplines, yoga, calisthenics and animal locomotion.


We will be diving into Budokon yoga which is an athletic flow of constant and mindful movement,
incorporating elements of strength and agility that are often left out by traditional yogic practices. Budokon is known for being quite a strong masculine practice.



The calisthenics section of the workshop will include pistol squats, muscle ups, walking on hands,
handstands, dips, V-sits, lever and planche progressions.

Animal Locomotion

We understand the human is by design an animal that has 4 feet who has evolved into an animal
with 2 feet. Therefore we explore the unique gates of quadrupedal animals in order to examine our bodies forgotten power, vitality and potential in a workshop where we’ll we seek to gain functional strength and dynamic movement from a fun and fluid practice.

Students are encouraged to work to and respect their own limits, and all exercises can be scaled
to your current abilities. You will leave this workshop with a good understanding of the area's you need to focus on to make the most out of your practice.

This workshop is open to all abilities however it will be aimed at intermediate to advanced students

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